Scaling Amazon Revenue from $0 to $96.7K per Month



After seeing success in partnering with Surgely to launch Paid Social, Kin was looking to diversify channels. Amazon became the next choice.

What we've done

1. Product Setup: we helped Kin set up new products that were not already on Amazon.

2. Product + Brand Transition: some of Kin's products were already being sold by resellers on Amazon, under an unofficial brand name. We helped Kin navigate Amazon to transition all products to its ownership.

3. Product Listing Optimization: we identified opportunities for improved performance and worked with Kin's creative team to develop copy. These improvements improved conversion rates by 50-75%.

4. Paid Ad Spend: to help scale revenue and improve organic rankings, we launched paid spend across Amazon ads, leveraging performance insights from paid search.

Our results:

Within 6 months of partnering with Surgely, Kin's Amazon revenue increased from $0 to nearly $100K per month, and continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Some fun facts


in Paid Ads spend optimized


Leads or signups generated


countries visited by staff

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