Generating a 7x ROI from Automated Cold Email

Lead Generation, Email Marketing


Juice Bar EV was looking to increase its sales pipeline of in-market decision makers in the electric vehicle charging space, while also not breaking the bank. Surgely helped by generating custom, hyper-relevant lists of leads and automating outreach with advanced personalization (including dynamic image and landing personalization) at scale.

What we've done

1. Strategic Discovery: we started with comprehensive business, target audiences and competitive audits to develop an informed strategy.

2. List Generation: based on a deep understanding of Juice Bar EV's target persona, we generated a high quality list of in-market, prime prospects. As with any list, Juice Bar EV enjoyed our No Bounce Guarantee.

3. Outbound Cadence Development: building on top of our familiarity with JBEV's target market, we leveraged our understanding of their value props and USP to build custom email cadences with relevancy and personalization at scale.

4. Launching and CRM Integration: prior to launch, we ensured all our programs integrated seamlessly with JBEV's CRM to empower the sales team to follow-up quickly, and the executive team to be able to monitor and measure results. After launch, JBEV team immediately started seeing positive flow of inbound leads.

5. Ongoing Optimization and Enhancements: upon seeing continued success, we worked with JBEV to implement various campaigns, with some of the most successful campaigns around trade show and virtual event attendance.

Our results:

Juice Bar EV consistently gets hot leads and conversations through cold email. Leads that come through cold email are generally already ready to have a sales conversation and are closer to bottom of the funnel than most leads from paid media.

Some fun facts


in Paid Ads spend optimized


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