Acquiring Customers at 85% Below Target at Scale

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Solomon Community Solar partnered with a solar farm developer who had just built a large scale network of solar farms in New York State to help support the state's clean energy initiative. They needed a partner to help build and execute their digital strategy. That's where Surgely came in.

We partnered with Solomon Community Solar to build out a multi-touch digital customer acquisition strategy consisting of multiple advertorials, completely new sales funnel, new CRM + marketing automation nurture program, custom database integrations, and ads across multiple digital channels such as Facebook and Google networks.

Using a less traditional approach and actually adding additional touchpoints prior to

What we've done

1. Strategic Discovery: we started with comprehensive audits of the business, website, consumer journey, target audience, industry and competitors to inform our go-to-market strategy.

2. Sales Funnel Development: based on insights collected in discovery, we created an entirely new sales funnel to help overcome challenges and objections unique to this industry.

3. CRM Setup and Integration: since not everyone will be ready to commit on first touch, ongoing nurturing is key to maximize conversions. We helped Solomon stand up a new CRM and build marketing automations to nurture prospects to close.

4. Creative Strategy: we created a robust creative strategy to maximize testing and performance.

5. Custom Integrations: since Solomon relied on existing databases to support its offline channels, we created custom integrations to seamlessly integrate leads and customers generated into existing systems.

Our results:

Digital became Solomon's most efficient channel at generating low-cost customers and enrollments into community solar.

Surgely's program helped drive customer acquisition at an average of 85% below target goal at scale, while also helping support clean energy and sustainability.

Some fun facts


in Paid Ads spend optimized


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