Driving 75% of Sales for Healthcare Brand

Lead Generation, Email Marketing


A leading brand in the aesthetics industry was looking to increase its outbound sales and marketing efforts. Surgely created an automated outbound cold email machine, that ended up driving 60% to 70% of sales for the client.

What we've done

1. Strategic Discovery: we started with comprehensive business, target audiences and competitive audits to develop an informed strategy.

2. Infrastructure Development: success in cold email generation demands a solid infrastructure that's done right. We helped this client build an infrastructure that allowed them to scale email outbound volume to the equivalent of 12 sales rep -- all managed by Surgely. The infrastructure was built in such a way that the integrity of the primary domain was protected.

3. Outbound Cadence Development: armed with a deep understanding of the client's target market and their value props/USPs, we built custom email cadences with relevancy and personalization at scale.

4. Launching and CRM Integration: prior to launch, we ensured all our programs integrated seamlessly with the client's CRM to empower the sales team to follow-up quickly, and the executive team to be able to monitor and measure results. For added transparency and ability to respond even faster, we built an integration with Slack for channel-wide alerting. Upon launch, the team immediately saw an influx of hot leads coming from this new channel.

5. Ongoing Optimization and Enhancements: upon seeing continued success, we worked with the to implement various campaigns to help them growth their penetration in their TAM.

Our results

Surgely built a custom infrastructure that supported the outbound volume of 12 reps, and deployed custom cadences that ended up driving 75% of sales for the client.

Some fun facts


in Paid Ads spend optimized


Leads or signups generated


countries visited by staff

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