Scaling from $0 to $820K in Revenue at a 3.48x ROAS

Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads


Kin approached Surgely to help ignite their e-commerce store. They had just launched their first product and created a new category of Euphorics (part of the larger "sober-curious" movement) and were generating strong publicity from impressive publishers like Vogue and Pop Sugar.

Surgely audited the growth opportunities and identified Facebook and Instagram ads to be the best initial channel to help launch a new product in a new category of consumer goods. We quickly created a go-to-market plan for Paid Social, including projection models and spend recommendations, creative direction (direct-response), and a multi-touch conversion strategy.

By using differentiated strategies for different stages of the funnel (aligned with product awareness), we leveraged the momentum of press hits at the top of the funnel to build awareness and immediate credibility, and a benefit-oriented retargeting funnel to convert users.

This approach generated over $820K in digital sales at a 3.48x ROAS in less than a year.

What we've done

1. Strategic Discovery: we started with comprehensive business, target audiences and competitive audits to develop an informed strategy

2. Creative Direct Response Strategy: Kin already had a strong brand and highly skilled in-house design and brand team. We helped drive the direct-response strategy in creative direction, while Kin's team ensured only the highest quality, on-brand creative was launched.

3. Conversion Rate Optimization: what happens after an ad click is just as important as before. Surgely partnered with Kin to provide conversion rate optimization opportunities to help convert ad spend even more efficiently.

4. Scaling and Ongoing Optimization: after driving strong results from initial campaigns, we worked with Kin to help evolve their strategy, targeting, and messaging to scale their ad account.

Our results:

We helped Kin generate over $820K in digital sales at a 3.48x ROAS in less than a year.

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