Taking MER from 1.5x to 4.5x and Increasing Sales 20%

Meta Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, Email & SMS, Conversion Rate Optimizaton, Growth Strategy


An established D2C beverage brand approached Surgely to grow revenue while improving profitability. 

Two years into iOS14 and a more competitive market, their growth had declined along with profit margins. Their current agency cited constantly changing algorithms and lack of accurate attribution for consistently declining revenue.

Within 3 months, we took their average of 1.5-2x MER to 3.5-4.5x MER while growing sales 20% to $300K+/mo.  We provided general growth strategy, paid media (Paid Social, Paid Search) and Lifecycle (Email/SMS).

What we've done

Strategic Discovery:

We started with comprehensive business, target audiences and competitive audits to develop an informed strategy.

We identified opportunities around attribution/analytics, creative strategy, conversion rate, AOV, LTV, and more. This informed our 30/60/90 day plan. Once defined and aligned with the client, we executed. 

Analytics / Attribution:

One of the biggest challenges for marketers after iOS14 has been accurate analytics/attribution for what ads are converting, and worse pixel performance due to limitations following privacy changes.

Surgely quickly deployed a combination of 3rd party tracking solutions that enabled the brand to not only accurately see which campaigns/ads are converting sales, but also feed conversion data back to Meta/Google to increase retargeting pools, improve conversion tracking accuracy, and ultimately improve performance of the channel algorithmically (bringing the channel/pixel to perform how it used to).

Conversion Rate Optimization:

What happens after an ad click is just as important as before. Increasing CTR but still having a low conversion rate still doesn’t maximize profitability. Surgely provided conversion rate optimization opportunities to help convert ad spend even more efficiently.

From introducing listicles and top of funnel content to preframe+educate prospects before purchasing to improving PDPs and ad/email destinations - conversion rates have improved 15-30%.


With ad platform costs generally increasing, increasing AOV is a low hanging fruit way to improve profitability. As a first order of business, Surgely implemented post purchase upsell and cross sell strategies, that instantly increased AOV and ultimately revenue by 5-10%, from the same amount of sales and customers. 

After the brand launched new products, Surgely advised them to create new, high AOV SKUs with bundles. Collectively, AOVs increased by 25-30% since working with Surgely. 

Creative Direct Response Strategy:

The brand already had a strong base of UGC and other content. What was missing was weaving all the components together, along with messaging that drove conversion, into a cohesive content strategy that drew attention, engaged, and drove sales. 

Surgely quickly took existing assets and put together creative that performed 3x stronger than previous assets (bringing in over $80K in sales at an 8x ROAS during the initial few week launch). After proving out the power of content and creative, Surgely built a pipeline of ongoing creative, aligned with the spend scale of the accounts. 

Email / SMS / Lifecycle:

Owned audiences are ultimately more powerful than purely paid audiences - and Email and SMS having an average ROAS of 20-40x is proof this channel must be prioritized in every D2C strategy. 

After taking over email, Surgely increased open rates by 30% and revenue from email by 40%.

Scaling and Ongoing Optimization:

After driving strong results from initial campaigns, we have been working with the brand for continued scaling of the account. 

Our results

Within 3 months, we took their average of 1.5-2x MER to 3.5-4.5x MER while growing sales 20% to $300K+/mo.

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